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Feature Articles

Multidisciplinary Globe-Sparing Treatment for Lacrimal Gland Carcinoma Preserves Vision and Minimizes Morbidity
Precise surgery and proton therapy enable outcomes equivalent to exenteration

Novel Trial Design Streamlines Development of Breast Cancer Therapies
I-SPY 2 tests multiple drug regimens

Small Cell Lung Cancer Studies May Increase Treatment Options
PARP inhibitors show promise

Improved Maintenance Therapy Promotes Myeloma Patients’ Quality of Life After Stem Cell Transplantation
Clinical trials under way

In Brief

Sleeping Beauty Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against B Cell Malignancies

Vaccine Explored to Reduce Risk of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Recurrence

House Call

Interpreting Health News
Common mistakes in medical reporting

How Hospital Chaplains Help
Chaplains help patients and families deal with emotional and spiritual concerns

Facts About Radiation
Radiation exposure comes from many sources