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Feature Articles

Emergency Care for Cancer Patients
Awareness is key to managing oncologic emergencies

Immunotherapy Trials Offer Hope to Patients with High-Risk or Metastatic Breast Cancer
Clinical trials of vaccines and other treatments

New Breast Imaging Modalities Show Promise for Cancer Screening and Staging
Tomosynthesis, molecular breast imaging, and other techniques supplement mammography

Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Cancer Survivors
Problems such as erectile dysfunction and loss of interest often go untreated

In Brief

New Assay Could Lead to Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection

Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping Identifies Node-Positive, High-Risk Endometrial Cancer

House Call

Hospital Patient Advocates Provide Support
Advocates serve as liaisons between hospitals and patients

Dental Hygiene and Care Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment
Dental visits before and after therapy may protect oral health

Tips for Communicating with Health Care Providers
Preparing for appointments can help you get the answers you need

Interpreting Health News
Common mistakes in medical reporting