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Network features topics of interest to cancer patients, loved ones, caregivers and health care professionals. Topics include clinical trials, treatments, research, coping resources and patient profiles.

Cigars: Behind the smoke screen

Long considered symbols of power, wealth and success, cigars are associated with health risks, including higher risks of developing cancers of the mouth, lung, esophagus and larynx.

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This is what resilience looks like

Terry Richter could be forgiven for feeling that cancer has a bull's-eye on his family. "You can't imagine what you'll end up going through," he says.

Research briefs

A commonly used cancer drug that eliminates morphine tolerance? More on that, as well as the discovery of a connection between platelet count and cancer.

Doctor, Doctor: Focus on inflammatory breast cancer

We talked to Naoto Ueno, M.D., Ph.D., professor in the Department of Breast Medical Oncology, about rare but aggressive inflammatory breast cancer.


Author and activist Susan Garrett Baker headlines Cancer Survivorship Conference Sept. 14-15 

"Cancer made me realize how much my daily choices matter," says the wife of former secretary of state, James A. Baker III.

Anderson Network news: Cancer180 symposium

One hundred young adult patients and survivors gladly gave up a summer Saturday to learn about issues crucial to them.