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Anderson Network's Telephone Support Line: 25 years of connecting patients, survivors

Network - Spring 2012

For 25 years, Anderson Network’s Telephone Support Line has connected cancer patients and their caregivers with others who’ve been there.

From a database of more than 1,300 survivors and caregivers, patients are matched by disease, mode of treatment and experience.

Created by MD Anderson survivors who saw the need for matching patients with survivors they can relate to, the Telephone Support Line has matched more than 25,000 patients. The line is open to patients and survivors who were treated anywhere, and we’ve made matches around the globe.

If you know of a patient who might benefit from a match, or if you’d like to join, call Anderson Network at 713-792-2553 or 800-345-6324. We especially need survivors of epithelioid carcinoma to share hope and support with others.

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