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Network features topics of interest to cancer patients, loved ones, caregivers and health care professionals. Topics include clinical trials, treatments, research, coping resources and patient profiles.

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Staging the Aging

Holly Holmes, M.D., specializes in the care of cancer patients 65 and older. She says geriatricians can help older patients choose the right cancer treatments.

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Resilient New Orleans Executive Tackles Colon Cancer 

"Every time I took two steps back, it's propelled me forward," says Angele Romig. She's dealt with colon cancer with energy and humor.  

How Advanced Practice Nurses Improve Patient Care

Advanced practice nurses, also called "mid-level providers," act as a bridge between physicians and patients.

Sex and the Female Cancer Patient

Cancer and its treatments can have significant effects on female patients' sexual desire and function. But help is available, says Andrea Bradford, Ph.D., who counsels such patients.

Tumor Registry a Data Powerhouse 

Sure, it's a club you never meant to join. But if you've ever been an MD Anderson patient, changes are you're a member.  

Mendelsohn to Step Down, Change Role

"I've had the best job imaginable," says John Mendelsohn, M.D., the president who shepherded the institution through 15 years of incredible growth. He announced that he will transition to a clinical research role full time.