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Network features topics of interest to cancer patients, loved ones, caregivers and health care professionals. Topics include clinical trials, treatments, research, coping resources and patient profiles.

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Neuropathy: Shedding Light on 'A Scary Prognosis'

Patrick Dougherty, Ph.D., is passionate about finding the cause of pain. He and his research team explore why some chemotherapy patients develop chronic peripheral neuropathy, a common and debilitating side effect of chemotherapy.

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Research Briefs

Study on risk of secondary cancers after radiation, new vaccine for advanced melanoma, CT screening to detect lung cancer.

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"Dark chocolate, music, exercise," Dara Insley pauses. "Crying. Praying." How a breast cancer patient deals with lingering pain after cancer treatment.

Pain Expert Punctures Myths

Speak up to your health care team about your pain, says Rob Yates, a physician assistant in the Department of Pain Medicine.