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Network newsletter is published quarterly by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. It features topics of interest to cancer patients, loved ones, caregivers and health care professionals. Topics include clinical trials, treatments, research, coping resources and patient profiles.

Cover story:

Understanding Your Rights: Legal and Insurance Aspects of Working Through Cancer

Job security. That's what springs to mind for many recently diagnosed cancer patients when they consider how cancer might impact their employment status. More

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Doctor, Doctor: Focus on Lymphoma

Fredrick Hagemeister, M.D., answers questions about lymphomas, including promising new treatments. More

Intriguing Links Between Diabetes and Cancer

Cancer and diabetes have a complicated relationship. And with an estimated one in five cancer patients also facing diabetes, let's try to sort this out. More

Psychological and Social Distress Among Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

Anxiety and worry are responses that Jennifer Litton, M.D., sees often in her patients. More

Dude, I Have Cancer ... Now What?

MD Anderson offers several ways for young adult cancer patients and survivors to connect. More