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Network is a quarterly publication of the Anderson Network that features issues of interest to cancer patients, caregivers and health care professionals. Topics include clinical trials, treatments, research, coping resources and patient profiles.

Cover story:

Boning Up on Bone Health

As you age, bone health remains a concern — especially if you're a cancer patient. What should you know about this important topic? More

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Exercise Lifts Spirits, Restores Strength

When doctors advised her to take it easy during her chemotherapy treatment, Kyndall Truett politely declined. She refused to take cancer — or cancer treatment — lying down. More

Passport to a 'New Country'

Cancer survivors at M. D. Anderson are getting a Passport Plan for Health, which ensures good surveillance of their health as they move into post-treatment territory. More

Family Dynamics After Diagnosis

Cancer doesn't discriminate. It hits without warning and affects the rich and poor, and young and old alike. In addition, it may significantly impact the way a couple relates to each other. More

Research Reveals Pancreatic Cancer's Mysteries

Several discoveries by M. D. Anderson researchers are bringing them closer to determining who is at risk for pancreatic cancer and to finding a cure. More

'The Strength Within'

"NBC Today" anchor Hoda Kotb helps cancer survivors celebrate resilience during the Anderson Network's annual patient and caregiver conference. More