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Network is a quarterly publication of the Anderson Network that features issues of interest to cancer patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

Surviving Survival
The news sounds good. Your cancer is in remission, and in many ways, your life has returned to normal. But are things really normal? Will they be normal again? Are you still dealing with side effects or other physical issues? Are you feeling a mixture of emotions? 


Pediatric Caregiver Telephone Support Network
To provide support to those caring for children diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses, the Anderson Network is developing a new component to its existing telephone support program — the Pediatric Caregiver Telephone Support Network.

In the Winter 2007 Issue:

People Profile: Patient Learns to Be Here, Now
When people look at me, they can’t believe I had a brain tumor three years ago. At the time I was diagnosed, I was 47 years old and shocked. How could a seemingly healthy person my age get brain cancer?

New Benchmarks in Brain Tumor Treatment
Brain tumors differ from tumors that occur elsewhere in the body. To address challenges associated with these tumors, M. D. Anderson created the Brain Tumor Center. 

Doctor Doctor: M. D. Anderson Takes on Acute Pain
Krishna Boddu, M.D., is helping lead efforts at M. D. Anderson to educate patients, families, heath care providers, insurers and others about acute pain management procedures, medications and devices.

Survivorship Issues: The Legacy of 7 Survivors
In 1985, seven cancer survivors discovered they all felt a deep loneliness. When they shared this feeling with Joseph Painter, M.D., along with their desire to know people who truly understood what they had experienced, the M. D. Anderson vice president helped them found the Anderson Network.