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Briefs: Pediatric Caregiver Telephone Support Network

Network - Winter 2007

In an effort to provide support to those caring for children diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses, the Anderson Network is developing a new component to its existing telephone support program. The Pediatric Caregiver Telephone Support Network should make its debut later this year.

Caring for a child with a devastating illness is never an easy task. The purpose of the program is to connect pediatric caregivers in hopes that sharing similar experiences will provide both information and support.

While the program is in the developmental phase, the Anderson Network hopes to build its volunteer base by asking current and former pediatric caregivers, as well as survivors of childhood cancers and illnesses, to sign up to become telephone support volunteers.

Survivors and caregivers can sign up for the program regardless of where they or their child(ren) received treatment.

For more information, contact the Anderson Network via e-mail or toll free at (800) 345-6324, in Houston at (713) 792-2553.

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