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Network is a quarterly publication of the Anderson Network that features issues of interest to cancer patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

Cancer Costs: Shedding Some Light on its Impact and Resources
Every cancer survivor knows that cancer costs — physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually and financially. While information about the first four is emerging, data on the financial impacts is more difficult to find. 


Share Your Cancer Experience
Are you a cancer survivor willing to share your cancer experience with newly diagnosed patients? Or are you the caregiver for a pediatric patient, or a survivor of pediatric cancer, who would be willing to share your experience with someone whose child is newly diagnosed?

In the Summer 2007 Issue:

People Profile: Processing and Philosophizing — A Recipe for One Patient's Survival
Robert Dorsey might be called a Renaissance man of the 21st century. He is given to quoting the French philosopher René Descartes and the English philosopher and economist David Hume to his colleagues. 

Survivorship Issues: New Tools for Assessing Symptom Distress
Gathering symptom-related data to improve cancer survivors’ lives is the central focus of M. D. Anderson’s Department of Symptom Research. 

Doctor Doctor: When Is an Emergency an Emergency?
It often is difficult for patients and caregivers to know what constitutes an emergency and when they should seek care at an emergency center.

The Power of Hope: Living Fully With and Beyond Cancer Conference
Vince Papale and Julie Silver, M.D., both believe in the power of hope. It served Papale in 1976 when he became the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL. It helps Silver as she works to empower people and give them the tools to heal.