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Network is a quarterly publication of the Anderson Network that features issues of interest to cancer patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

Sometimes it Really Is in the Head
For Carolyn Frazier, eye problems started in September 2004, two years after her initial bout with colon cancer. “I got an infection in my left eye that made it water and was so sensitive to the sun that my husband had to drive me to and from work,” she says. “And it was very painful.” 

In the Spring 2007 Issue:

Hitting the Downbeat: A Musician's Journey to Survival
It was one of those nights that I couldn’t sleep. You know what I mean. It’s frustrating, especially when you can’t figure out why. But, I knew why. The expanse of the city’s late October lights viewed out the ninth floor window was a welcome diversion to my insomnia.

Assessing Symptom Distress
Are you afraid to complain of symptoms for fear your doctor will think you’re not a “good” patient? Do you fear that mentioning side effects will distract your oncologist’s attention from caring for your cancer?

Doctor Doctor: Deep Venous Thrombosis — What You Need to Know
In 2004, David Bloom, an NBC correspondent working in Iraq, died of complications from undiagnosed deep venous thrombosis. Suddenly, a little-known health threat came to national attention.

Tiny Particles Pack Powerful Punch
Nanoparticles — molecules so small that they are measured in billionths of a meter — have a talent for gathering inside tumors. After slipping through large pores in leaky blood vessels that nourish tumors, these tiny materials can be taken up into the cancer cells.

Anderson Network's Hospitality Center Volunteers Honored
Each year, the Department of Volunteer Services recognizes a corporation, organization, group or individual who has made an extraordinary volunteer contribution to the patients at M. D. Anderson. This year’s recipients are the volunteers in Anderson Network’s two Hospitality Centers.

Ask the Expert: 'Depression, Anxiety and Cancer'
Mary Hughes, a clinical nurse specialist in the Department of Psychiatry at M. D. Anderson since 1990, joins Ask the Expert to answer patients’ and their caregivers’ questions about depression and anxiety in the cancer patient.