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Network is a quarterly publication of the Anderson Network that features issues of interest to cancer patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

Energy Medicines: Will East Meet West?
When ex-Marine Mike Powers discovered Chi Kung, he was working in Saudi Arabia teaching electronics and had a lot of free time on his hands.


'The Power of Hope'
More than 500 participants shared "The Power of Hope" this year at the Anderson Network Living Fully With and Beyond Cancer Conference. 

In the Fall 2007 Issue:

People Profile: From Workaholism to Penguins and Volcanoes
Julie Gomez claims that when you’re raised in Omaha, you’re bred at an early age to savor college football, and there’s only one team: the Nebraska Cornhuskers. You also should be content to live your life out in that nice Midwestern town.

Survivorship Issues: Measuring the Immeasurable
One day, doctors will be able to tell patients exactly what side effects they will experience after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Better yet, they will have effective interventions to alleviate these symptoms.

Doctor Doctor: Chemobrain — Are Those Foggy Feelings Real?
M. D. Anderson has one of the few dedicated neuropsychology services in a cancer center. One of the prime concerns of its chief is the cognitive dysfunction — known as “chemobrain” — that many patients experience as a result of cancer and cancer treatment.