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The Leukemia Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center is committed to research into the biology of MDS and its clinical strategies. A list of front line and subsequent studies can be seen in Figure 3 below. Together with these therapeutic trials, significant effort in the molecular biology of MDS is being studied by several investigators under the umbrella of the NIH funded MDS P01 grant (E. Estey, principal investigator). If you are interested in more information regarding any of the information provided here please do not hesitate to contact Guillermo Garcia-Manero, Chief, Section of MDS or Hagop Kantarjian, Chairman, Department of Leukemia, or any Leukemia physician.

Figure 3

ProtocolProtocol #PI
Ph I HuM195/rGelDM98-342Cortes
Ph I/II Randomized CA vs CI vs CIAID03-0181Faderl
Ph I BAY-43-90062004-0702Cortes
Ph l/ll Alimta (Pemetrexed)2004-0865Kantarjian
Ph I SAHA + Idarubicin2005-0031Garcia-Manero
Ph I SNS-5952005-0295Kantarjian
Ph I/II MK-04572005-0330Cortes
Ph I RTA 401 (CDDO)2005-0469Kantarjian
Ph I GX15-070MS2005-0584Borthakur
Ph I SJG-1362005-0607Ravandi
Ph I SAHA + DAC2005-0723Issa
Ph I Oral Sapacitabine2005-0768Kantarjian
Ph I/II CP-40552006-0132O’Brien
Ph I/II AT92832006-0177Kantarjian
Ph I FTS2006-0201Borthakur
Ph I Triciribine (TCN-PM, VD-0002)2006-0249Ravandi
Ph I KW-24492006-0275Cortes

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