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Archived Issues

All issues of Inside Integrative Medicine newsletter are in PDF format.



  • November Handling Holiday Stress: The Importance of Mind-body Practices
  • October Compassion: The Heart of Healthcare
  • September Planting the Seeds for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • August An Integrative Approach to Cancer Care
  • July Managing Stress to Improve Your Cancer Outcomes
  • June Couples Coping with Cancer Together
  • May Coping Techniques for Distress in Cancer Patients
  • April Exercise: Part of an Integrative Approach to Cancer Care
  • March Yoga for Body and Mind Health
  • February Cancer Related Fatigue and How Integrative Therapies Can Help
  • January A Trusted Resource for You



  • December Getting to the Point with Acupuncture
  • November Caring for the Caregivers
  • October Pink is the star of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • September What’s New at the Integrative Medicine Center?
  • August Fact or Fiction? Identifying Reliable Integrative Medicine Resources
  • July Q&A With the Expert: Catherine Powers-James, Ph.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • June Omega 3’s in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • May Music Therapy: A Melodic Approach to Treatment
  • April Oncology Massage: Improving Your Quality of Life
  • March Meditation is the Medicine of the Mind
  • February  Step up to Exercise!
  • January Bite by Bite: Shopping Tips for Cancer Prevention and Optimal Health



  • December Compassion and Cancer Care: A Strong Back and a Soft Front
  • November How Can Acupuncture Complement Your Treatment?
  • October Nutrigenomics: The Future of Personalized Nutrition in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • September Expanding Services to Improve Outcomes
  • August Cancer Patients Tune in to Music Therapy
  • July Spirituality and the Cancer Patient
  • June The Comprehensive Lifestyle Study: Examining an Integrative Oncology Approach
  • May Manage Your Stress Before It Manages You
  • April Environmental Factors and Breast Cancer
  • February Let Food be Your Medicine: Diet and Cancer Prevention
  • January Six Tips for Finding a Qualified Oncology Massage Therapist



  • December: Tai Chi – Moving Meditation to Improve Quality of Life
  • November: The Role of Soy Food and Breast Cancer
  • October: Mindful Eating: Cultivating Your Inner Gourmet
  • September: Center Welcomes Two New Team Members
  • August: Cancer Survivors Should Keep Moving
  • July: Talk to Your Medical Team About Complementary and Alternative Medicines
  • June: Depression and the Importance of Mood
  • May: Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Their Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • April: Medical Hypnosis Demystified
  • March: Whole Foods or Supplements?
  • February: Meditation reduces stress and cultivates inner peace and well-being
  • January: The Power of Touch: Oncology Massage











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