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Bacteria and cancer: Feeding your microbiome

Your body is 90% bacteria. These bacteria make up your microbiome. The largest community is in your gut. And, they’re vital to your health.    

Learn to feed good bacteria   

Ensure success with colonoscopy prep

A clean colon happens to be the most important part of a successful exam. So, don’t show up for your colonoscopy without one.  

Get colonoscopy prep tips  

Your guide to eating less red meat

Eating too much red meat, like pork, lamb, deer and beef, can raise your risk for colon cancer. How much is too much?  

Use our red meat guide   

Get Healthy Bites

Eating the right foods and keeping a healthy weight can help reduce your chances of cancer and other diseases. But maintaining a healthy diet is often easier said than done. That’s why 
MD Anderson developed the Healthy Bites guide.

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