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Whole grain tips: Get more nutrition

Focused on Health - March 2013

These tips are part of the Healthy Bites challenge, developed to help you eat the right foods and lower your cancer risks!

whole grains tipFollow these easy tips to successfully complete the “eat more whole grains” challenge.

Nutrition Tip 1: Read the label.  Make sure you’re eating real whole grains. Look for the word “whole” and ingredients like whole grain barley, whole oats and whole wheat. When possible, pick items that list the whole grain ingredients first on the food label.

Nutrition Tip 2: Experiment. Whole wheat bread isn’t the only whole grain food. Try different types of grains, like quinoa, tabouleh, bulgur and faro, to find new favorites.

Nutrition Tip 3: Sneak it in. Use whole wheat flour instead of white in your pancake and muffin recipes. Or, try whole grain crackers or bread in meatloaf and other breading recipes.

Nutrition Tip 4: Look for the Whole Grain Stamp. An easy way to make sure you’re buying whole grains is to look for the Whole Grain Stamp on packaging. Foods with this stamp contain at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving.

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