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Nutrition tips: Fruits and vegetables

Focused on Health - September 2013

These tips are part of the Healthy Bites challenge, developed to help you eat the right foods and lower your cancer risks!

Follow these smart fruit and vegetable tips to get the most cancer-fighting nutrients from your produce.

nutrition fruitsNutrition Tip 1: Don’t overcook them. Even better – eat them raw. Cooking fruits and vegetables at high temperatures, or for long cooking times, can destroy some of their nutrients. Instead of cooking fruits and vegetables in boiling water, try steaming them to preserve nutrients.  

Nutrition Tip 2: Wash your fruits and vegetables to remove dirt, bacteria and any traces of chemicals from the surface. You also can peel fruits and vegetables, but you might lose some fiber and nutrients.

Nutrition Tip 3: Freeze them. This’ll help extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables. But not all produce freezes well. This is true for veggies with high water content, like lettuce, celery and cabbage. Instead, freeze starchy vegetables, like pumpkin, peas and chickpeas – they change very little when defrosted.

Nutrition Tip 4: Season them. Instead of salt, use fresh herbs and spices, like dill, basil and oregano, to add flavor to fruits and vegetables. You also can sprinkle a little grated parmesan or Romano cheese for extra taste.

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