Healthy Bites Nutrition Challenge

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Date: October 2013

Hi. I'm Mary Ellen, a dietician at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Welcome to our Healthy Bites Nutrition Challenge. For the next month, we are asking you to take one animal protein and replace it with a plant protein two to three times each week throughout the month. Eating these plant-based proteins, like nuts and beans, can help prevent muscle loss and it also helps you maintain a healthy weight which lowers your risk for cancer.

I was surprised how easy it was to eat plant-based proteins instead of animal proteins.

I started making a healthy salad for lunch and using beans instead of meat. And I found out that I had a lot more energy and I didn't feel bloated like I did after eating meat.

Adding plant-based proteins to your diet is easier than you might think. A few good choices are beans, tofu, edamame, and hummus. You can learn more about this month's challenge at You'll also find some tips, tools and recipes to help you achieve this month's challenge. Good luck.