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Opportunities for Cancer Patients After High School

Family Matters - Spring 2011

Sujin Ann-Yi, Ph.D., and Sandra Medina, vocational counselors at the Children’s Cancer Hospital, are here to help when a patient is wondering about opportunities available for after high school.

There’s help out there

Ann-Yi explains that patients who are university or college bound can receive assistance with:

  • searching for and researching schools,
  • the college application process,
  • preparation for college entrance exams, and
  • financial aid and scholarship applications.

In addition, the counselors can help these patients to begin to explore majors and career choices. If needed, they will also support application for student disability services.

If community college bound, then Ann-Yi and Medina do all of the above as well as educate patients about the difference between university and community college.

Some patients are interested in Voca. Counselors can also help identify the desired skills the patient would like to acquire, search for accredited programs and assist with the application process.

Career counseling and other guidance are also available

Occasionally, a patient is not interested in training or training is not needed. For this situation, the counselors:

  • assist with job search process,
  • help with resume writing,
  • teach interview skills, and
  • refer to job placement organizations.

If retraining is needed and the patient has a disability, then Ann-Yi and Medina refer to
MD Anderson’s Department of Rehabilitative Services and assist the patients with that application process.

Some patients are not sure what they would like to do, so they are provided career assessment tests and counseling to get them on one of the above paths.


Call for assistance

If you have a patient who needs assistance with any of these services, please contact one of the Children’s Cancer Hospital vocational counselors:

Sujin Ann-Yi, Ph.D.

Sandra Medina

They will work with you to help your patient achieve appropriate educational and career goals.

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