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Family Matters - Fall 2010

After undergoing a life-altering experience such as cancer treatment, the return to normalcy can be both an exciting and anxious time. While, this transition is long awaited, it is a process that requires careful attention.

At the Children’s Cancer Hospital, the educators involved with the Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Program work to ensure that every child returns to school with the proper educational plan. Each plan is designed to fit the individual patient to allow them to feel comfortable and to be successful. In addition to preparing educational plans, the pediatric school coordinator at the Children’s Cancer Hospital, also works closely with the family, medical team and school staff to address any social concerns.

Whether the child needs a 504, which provides accommodations to the classroom setting, or a more specialized educational plan, the pediatric school coordinator is there to assist.

While a child is a patient in the Children’s Cancer Hospital, there are six educational plan options for schoolwork:

  1. Hospital school — for both inpatients and outpatients in grades K-12
  2. Hospital/homebound school — a combination of hospital school and homebound school
  3. Homebound only — offered through each patient’s school district
  4. Virtual school/academy (at cost) — an alternative online school placement
  5. Virtual school/academy combined with hospital school — allows the student to be enrolled in a virtual school/academy but also attend hospital school on days when they are inpatient or outpatient

We begin to plan for school reentry from the first day of diagnosis, in hopes that our student patients will feel welcome and secure on their first day back in their home school.

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