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A Patient's Voice

Family Matters - Fall 2008

Jameisha Brown

Jameisha Brown is a recent graduate from Angleton High School and wrote this essay her senior year. With assistance from a Children's Art Project scholarship, Jameisha plans to attend the University of Houston this fall to pursue a degree and career in pediatric oncology nursing.

I grew up attending a Baptist church, and one lesson I always remembered was, “God has all the power in His hands.” My pastor taught me God will not put more on you than you can handle, and we shall not question His works.

I first contradicted my beliefs the day I was diagnosed with cancer. I asked God, “Why me?” At the tender age of 8, dying was all I knew about cancer. Soon I learned you didn’t always have to do something terrible for something terrible to happen to you. I had to mature at once and walk step-by-step a path in my young life I had definitely not chosen.

I hastily became accustomed to life in the hospital. Encountering a great number of patients and their families, I concluded that we all had a different perspective about cancer. As I recollect, I heard others remark to me, “I could probably deal with anything, but if I had been diagnosed with cancer, I doubt if I could bear it.” A wise, battle-afflicted patient, who fought cancer for many years, related the words, “Why not me?” That phrase opened my mind to a totally new clarity of life. I realized if that patient has the nerve to fight, I should too! After all, I had a tremendous team of doctors, nurses, family and friends who had the faith that I had the strength to overcome my illness.

My initial response to the caring and loving nature of those around me was, “Alrighty, I’m going to put on my boxing gloves. I will fight. I will win. It won’t beat me!” I turned what I thought was a death sentence into the will to live a fulfilling life. I do believe that whatever ordeal we may be dared with in life, we can be successful. If we really dig deep down within ourselves, we will be astonished with what we can truly conquer.

Many people will have to come face to face with a life-threatening disease such as cancer. I’m convinced if you have the will power to endure the trials of today, by tomorrow there may be a new drug invention to sustain survival of your particular disease. My message to those who will be tested by a devastating disease is to never give up hope. You are still a winner even if the disease defeats you physically. What really matters is the way you fight and triumph over the illness mentally and emotionally. There are always experimentations going on about numerous diseases. I can’t assure you with time there will be a complete and absolute cure because I don’t know. But, what I will state is that survivorship is beyond a doubt possible. I’m a living testimony and a life to be continued!

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