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Conquest - Summer 2014

Get more out of conquest with the iPad app

Each issue of MD Anderson’s award-winning Conquest magazine is filled with stories about new cancer research and treatments, innovative patient services, cancer prevention and control, and programs and facilities. There are also profiles and features on patients, donors, faculty, staff and volunteers.

And now you can enjoy an even richer and fully interactive experience with Conquest on the iPad.

These days, with more and more people reading books and magazines on tablets, the ability to download Conquest via the iPad app makes it available anywhere and to more people.

And along with that comes the convenience of storing it in your online library with other must-reads.

By maintaining the beautiful design of the magazine, this lush digital version differs greatly from what you’ll find online. But it’s not just a replica of what’s in print. The iPad edition includes multimedia extras such as videos and podcasts featuring doctors discussing cutting-edge treatments and research, enhanced photo slideshows and hidden content in the form of additional information and links that delve deeper into stories and complex issues. All of this is enhanced by user-friendly navigation.

It’s also easy to enjoy Conquest on your iPad. To get your free subscription, just search “Conquest Magazine” in the iTunes App Store and download the free app.

After the download, a subscription banner will appear. Selecting this option enables you to automatically receive push alerts through Newsstand each time a new issue publishes.
If you like the layout and experience of the print version, but want bonus content and the convenience of your tablet, the iPad app is for you.

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