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Audio: Conquest summer 2013

Conquest - Summer 2013


The narrator is Katie Samuels. Download audio from iTunes.

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Summer 2013

This issue highlights stories on treatments for rare cancers, services for patient of all ages, the regional care centers, the important of lifestyle choices, an emphasis on education and much more.


A magnificent seven

They arrived from different parts of the United States. They have different kinds of cancer. But one thing unites them. They are among the increasing number of patients whose rare cancers are being successfully treated with new therapies.

Patient of all ages

MD Anderson strives to understand and address the different needs of patients — from children to adolescents and young adults, seniors and those in the greater Houston community.

Why lifestyle choices matter

An impressive faculty of cancer prevention clinicians and epidemiologist, behavioral scientists and health disparities researchers continue to dissect and investigate methods of prevention to reduce the number of people who develop cancer.

Eliminating barriers

One approach doesn't fit everyone when it comes to quitting smoking, but researchers and physicians are beginning to understand addiction and find ways to help smokers kick the habit.

Hands-on wins hands-down

Reza Marvdashti, Ph.D., wanted practical experience for his genetics students at San Jacinto College. He had an idea that has benefited his students and expanding MD Anderson's School of Health Professions, while the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences honors a dean who made a difference.



Moon Shots Program update: Co-clinical trials platform.
Self-sabotage: Why cancer vaccines haven't worked.
New therapeutic strategies for protecting the nervous system.
Practice, patterns and perceptions: Continuing to tackle lung cancer prevention.

Picture this

Chaplaincy plays role in healing process.

Sign of hope

A dose of music therapy shifts the mood.

Moving forward: Alma Faz

Survivor of teenage bone and ovarian cancers.

Make a difference

Your gift to MD Anderson makes a difference in the lives of cancer patients by supporting innovative patient care, research, education and prevention programs. You can Donate Now or learn more at myGiving to MD Anderson.

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