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Summer 2012: Learn about quality improvement efforts, dealing with drug shortages, "green medicine," the COLLAGE art program, integrative medicine, regional care centers and much more.

Cover story:

Where change begins

Nurses, educators and others skilled at mapping out work processes team up to help front-line employees and their managers find solutions to problems.


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When the pipeline dries up

MD Anderson works proactively to ensure that the institution has the right drugs at the right time, despite national shortages.

Practice makes perfect

Today's doctors, nurses and other health care providers can learn and build their skills through a variety of high-tech simulators.

When life is good

While it's not a cure, a drug has alleviated side effects and significantly improved outcomes for patients coping with myelofibrosis.

Going the distance

A regional concept has expanded to make radiation, medical and surgical services more available to patients closer to where they live.

A 'whole' in one center

MD Anderson treats the whole patient, offering integrative modalities, such as massage therapy, music therapy, acupuncture, meditation and clinical nutrition support.

Green medicine

Being an international leader in cancer care comes with tremendous responsibility to patients, to science and to the planet.