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Audio: Conquest fall 2012

Conquest - Fall 2012


The audio version of the fall 2012 issue of Conquest is generously donated by Sight Into Sound (formerly Taping for the Blind). The narrator is Darrell K. Simmons.
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Fall 2012

This issue highlights the launch of MD Anderson's Moon Shots Program, reconstructive plastic surgery, symptom research, healthy recipes, biomedical sciences education and end-of-life goals.


Moon Shots Program: A giant leap for patients

To prolong and improve patients' lives, MD Anderson has launched several "moon shots," while charting a trajectory for curing cancer.

Reconstructive surgeons ready patients for life after cancer

Using sophisticated operating microscopes and instruments, MD Anderson's reconstructive plastic surgeons carve bones into new structures, reattach thread-like blood vessels and transplant harvested tissue as new scaffolds for cratered parts of the body.

Symptom research moves closer to the spotlight

An increasing number of people from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, policy groups and government agencies are coming together to promote the integration of patient-reported outcomes in all clinical trials.

E-cookbook offers nutritious recipes for everyone

An initiative to counsel patients on the importance of eating the right types of food during and after treatment has led to the production of an online cookbook with healthy recipes for everyone.

Today's students can change tomorrow's world

At the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences graduation, 70 future scientists were encouraged "to change the very nature of human existence" as they move into their research careers.

Easing symptoms, fulfilling wishes at the end of life

Team members in MD Anderson's Andreas Beck Inpatient Palliative Care Unit help patients talk about their end-of-life goals. They've even arranged wedding services on the unit.


Signs of Hope: Transplanted blessings

Chaplains at MD Anderson provide stem cell blessings at the request of any MD Anderson patient.

Moving Forward: Nurses who know

Nurses do their best to understand the patient's perspective as they provide care. However, none can relate as well as three MD Anderson nurses.

Moving Forward: Through the microscope

While their peers were poolside soaking up the summer, Patrick Ede and Mary Blake donned lab coats and spent their days researching at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital.

Picture This: Medical Dosimetry

Many of today's medical dosimetrists are graduates of the Medical Dosimetry baccalaureate program with MD Anderson's School of Health Professions.

Frontline: Predictive value of cirulating tumor cells

Circulating tumor cells — established in metastatic breast cancer for predicting a woman's chance of recurrence and survival — have now shown similar value in early-stage breast cancer. Hear about this and other research advances.

Cancer Briefing: Humans and canines join forces against lymphoma

A new study using T-cell therapy to treat companion canines with non-Hodgkin lymphoma could be a key to discovering better ways to treat humans with cancer.

Cancer Briefing: Counseling enhances couple's intimacy after prostate cancer treatment

There's hope for men facing erectile dysfunction, intimacy issues and a low sex drive after prostate cancer treatment.

Cancer Briefing: MD Anderson No. 1 in cancer care again

MD Anderson is ranked No. 1 in cancer care, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2012 Best Hospitals survey.





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