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Where Are They Now?

Conquest - Summer 2009

By Mary Jane Schier

They never met as teenagers being treated at M. D. Anderson in the early 1990s. Now Kurt Weiss, M.D., and Amir Steinberg, M.D., are physicians who often think about the cancer center where they were inspired to pursue careers in oncology.

Both emphasize that they learned the power of hope from M. D. Anderson caregivers, who were role models for effectively communicating with patients and their loved ones.

Today, Weiss, 35, and Steinberg, 34, are among more than 12 million Americans counted as cancer survivors. Other M. D. Anderson “alumni” enjoying long-time survival include Laurine Schuler, 79, a frequent swimming champion; Richard Johnson, 46, a tax accountant who danced on TV; and Sara Strom, Ph.D., 54, an accomplished scientist and mentor.

Their experiences taught these five survivors — whose cancer journeys were described in previous Conquest stories — to cherish every day. All have shared their positive philosophy with numerous patients during their more than 75 cumulative years since they were diagnosed with different types of cancer.

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