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Undiagnosed Breast Clinic

Conquest - Summer 2009

When Something Doesn't Feel Right

By Robin Davidson

Denna Baskin followed her intuition.

Although a yearly screening mammogram and subsequent biopsy deemed a questionable spot in her breast most likely benign, the private school owner wasn’t satisfied and scheduled an appointment in the Undiagnosed Breast Clinic.

The clinic is part of M. D. Anderson’s Cancer Prevention Center. Its staff and clinicians see patients who may have had an abnormal mammogram, inconclusive biopsy or have found a lump through self-exam but haven’t received a definitive diagnosis.

“I decided to come where I had the most faith and comfort, and where I knew I would receive the best care,” Baskin says.

She brought with her five years of breast imaging records and the results of her most recent biopsy, which aided in the scheduling of her appointments and decreased the time it took to learn her diagnosis.

Within 24 hours she had her answer: She did, indeed, have breast cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early, and she’s begun radiation treatments at the
M. D. Anderson Radiation Treatment Center in The Woodlands in suburban Houston.

“The mammography technician was magnificent and so caring. She went beyond the call of duty and was the epitome of kindness. I would strongly encourage any woman with a breast problem to visit the clinic,” Baskin says.

The Undiagnosed Breast Clinic is on Floor 5 of the Mays Clinic. To make an appointment:

Supplying previous breast imaging and pathology information is not necessary to become a patient.

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