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Schuler Stays in the Swim of Things

Conquest - Summer 2009

By Mary Jane Schier

Laurine Schuler was posing in a fashionable swimsuit when husband Regis observed, “I think she’s more beautiful now than when we got married 54 years ago.”

The Schulers were relaxing at the Jesse H. Jones Rotary House International following checkups from their M. D. Anderson specialists. She is an 18-year breast cancer survivor while he is a 10-year prostate cancer survivor.

Laurine Schuler

Swimming had always been one of her favorite activities, but it wasn’t until she had a bilateral mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction in 1991 that she began swimming competitively. Soon she was winning medals in Senior Olympic and Masters’ swim meets, often setting records for her age group.

A decade later, Laurine’s smiling photo in a swimsuit — with medals around her neck — graced the cover of a Conquest magazine that featured several long-time survivors. More recent feats include winning five silver medals in a National Seniors competition in Pittsburgh.

“Since we’re both from Pennsylvania, it was great to see some family members and old friends,” she says.

In addition to swimming three or four times a week, Laurine delivers meals to the elderly and frequently counsels newly diagnosed cancer patients. She is a long-time member of the Anderson Network and an American Cancer Society volunteer.

“My cancer experience taught me the importance of going to the best place to be treated by the best doctors as a first resort,” she states. “For us that was
M. D. Anderson.”

The Schulers enjoy traveling, especially to see three sons, one daughter and eight grandchildren. After their checkups in April, they stayed with two granddaughters while the girls’ parents took a vacation.

Whether at home in Tulsa or elsewhere, they strive to keep Friday night “dinner dates.” Regis, an engineer who works part-time, confides, “We have a lot of fun and are both so thankful for our good health.”

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