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Moving Forward: Stacy Duff

Conquest - Summer 2008

By Gail Goodwin

The going got really tough in 2005 for Stacy Duff and her family. Stacy’s dad was called to serve in Iraq. The family’s home burned to the ground. Then in February 2006, Stacy was diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma.

Any of these circumstances would be enough to bring most families to their knees, but the Duffs handled it all with aplomb. Now, two years later, the family is at home together in a new house, and Stacy, age 19, has completed her cancer treatment and is studying business management at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Another byproduct of her cancer treatment came when Stacy’s wish was granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A limousine drive to a pet store, a shopping cart full of dog necessities and Darla, a silky terrier, were all included in the wish — and now the Duffs are a family of five.

This busy young woman enjoys drawing, shopping and spending time with her family and friends. Obviously a talented artist, Stacy has four pieces of art in M. D. Anderson’s Children’s Art Project 2008 Holiday Collection. “Mr. Claus,” “Nativity” and “Stocking” are all greeting cards with related products based on the designs, and her “Lamb” is the “L” in the Alphabet Train book.

Stacy’s talents don’t end with art. She is light on her feet — she loves dancing and ice skating — and in addition to a brain for business, she has an eye for fashion. Stacy has an idea about how to combine these talents, too. With ambitions to own an art gallery, she wants to have her own clothing line for women, men and children of all sizes. Oh, and she has set her sights on “at least one” Oscar.

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