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Conquest magazine highlights MD Anderson’s new cancer research and treatments, innovative patient services, programs and facilities, strategies to prevent cancer, and human interest stories about patients, donors, faculty, staff and volunteers.

Fall 2008
On the cover:

Juan Carlos Plana, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Cardiology and director of Cardiac Imaging, and Liza Sanchez, supervisor of the Cardiovascular Lab, view a 3-D echocardiogram. The specially designed glasses allow them to see the heart in three dimensions, giving them the opportunity to accurately define cardiac structure and function.

Listen to the full publication of Fall 2008 Conquest generously recorded and donated by Taping for the Blind, Inc. The publication is read by Laura Upton.

Fall 2008 Conquest part one

Fall 2008 Conquest part two


Turning on CB1 
Cannabinoids may provide new approach for colorectal cancer prevention and treatment.

Slowing Down Metastatic Thyroid Cancer
An experimental drug that inhibits tumor blood vessel formation can slow disease progression in some patients.

Looking Long Term
Risk assessment strategies can pay off for breast cancer patients.

Shielding a Metastasis-Promoter
Efforts to protect the tumor-suppressor p53 could shelter a mutant version of the protein.

Diabetes Drug May Serve as Anti-Tumor Agent
Meformin may be effective in increasing pathologic complete response in diabetic women with early-stage breast cancer.


Brain Boost
An $11.5 million SPORE grant supports personalized therapy.

The Heart of the Matter
As they gain a deeper understanding of the effect of cancer treatments on the heart, a full-service cardiology team is breaking new ground treating cancer patients.

Profile: Lois Ramondetta, M.D.
A gynecologic oncologist offers unconventional care through meaningful conversations with patients at M. D. Anderson and Harris County Hospital District’s Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital.

‘Sew’ Easy: Onesies Keep Toddlers Safe
A physician assistant has adapted a common article of infant clothing.

Symptom Research

Old Drugs, New Possibilities
Interventions to relieve symptom burden enter clinical trials.

Cancer briefings

On Top, Again
For the fourth time in the past six years, M. D. Anderson is the nation's top hospital for cancer care according to U.S. News & World Report's annual survey.

Cattlemen for Cancer Research Passes $1 Million Mark
The 10th annual cattle auction benefits M. D. Anderson's Department of Veterinary Sciences.

New Sister in Hong Kong
M. D. Anderson and the Sir Y.K. Pao Centre for Cancer and Hong Kong Cancer Institute at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have signed a sister institution agreement.

Moving Forward

Gordon Hendrickson
Pancreatic and prostate cancer patient counsels others.