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Conquest magazine highlights MD Anderson’s new cancer research and treatments, innovative patient services, programs and facilities, strategies to prevent cancer, and human interest stories about patients, donors, faculty, staff and volunteers.

On the cover:

Methyl groups, consisting of a carbon atom surrounded by hydrogen atoms, silence cancer-suppressor genes by attaching themselves to the gene. By removing these chemical “off” switches, investigators are trying to restore the genes normal function and destroy the tumor.


Who's On First? CML Drug May Take Starting Position
What can happen when a drug moves from second to frontline therapy? Better response.


Genetic Reprogramming — An Act of Diplomacy
Instead of targeting cancer cells for death, investigators are testing drugs that may be able to change the way genes and cancer cells interact and behave, and then force the cancer cell to kill itself.

It Takes More Than a Village
M. D. Anderson investigators are playing a leading role in NCI-sponsored cooperative groups, helping to set new standards in cancer care.

$50 Million Gift Sets Record for M. D. Anderson
T. Boone Pickens’ historic gift carries tremendous potential for growth and support of M. D. Anderson’s patient care, research, education and prevention programs.


Raymond DuBois, M.D., Ph.D.
Discovering a textbook on the molecular basis for medicine in the Texas A&M University library was a defining moment for young Ray DuBois in 1975.

Symptom Research

Assessing Symptom Distress: It's All About the Patient
Cancer survivors know best what the side effects of cancer and its treatment are. Yet, they often lack the words to describe what they feel and the appropriate tools for self-reporting.

Moving Forward

Tommy Garcia
Tommy Garcia didn't notice the festive decorations whenb he and his wife Mary walked into M. D. Anderson two days after Christmas in 1999.