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Conquest magazine highlights MD Anderson’s new cancer research and treatments, innovative patient services, programs and facilities, strategies to prevent cancer, and human interest stories about patients, donors, faculty, staff and volunteers.

On the cover:

Ovarian cancer survivors (from left) Mary Glenn Rice, Kim Podraza and Judith Buelow are encouraging women to become more aware of the symptoms associated with the disease in hopes of saving lives.


Anti-Allergy Drug Reduces Tumor Growth
Craig Logsdon's five-year search for an agent to treat pancreatic cancer may be nearing an end.


Ovarian Cancer — A Force to be Reckoned With
Although the rate of ovarian cancer has decreased slightly, the ratio of deaths to new cases has remained virtually unchanged. Unrelenting as this disease often can be, it’s now coming up against a force that looks towards its elimination.

Bringing Tumors Into Sharper View
When asked what is making molecular imaging possible, M. D. Anderson radiologists point to “fusion imaging,” which is allowing them to better characterize and localize tumors and assess drug activity.

Progress Against Cancer
Gabriel Hortobagyi, M.D., speaks on the recent decline in cancer death rates despite a growing and rapidly aging population and the need for sustained funding to assure continued progress against the disease.


Melissa Bondy, Ph.D.
Becoming a detective wasn't on her list of career choices as a child growing up in Pennsylvania, but today Melissa Bondy, Ph.D., is widely admired as a modern Sherlock Holmes in the expanding field of epidemiology research.

Cancer Briefings

Partner to the South 
Mexico City’s Instituto Nacional de Cancerología becomes an M. D. Anderson sister institution.

Letter of Intent
M. D. Anderson and Nigeria’s Ministry of Health to collaborate on research, education and training programs in Nigeria.

Postdocs Speak Out
M. D. Anderson ranks as the best workplace for new scientists.

Moving Forward

Adolfo Sosa
Adolfo Sosa is a kid magnet. All of the pediatric patients at M. D. Anderson love his teasing manner and look up to him.