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Conquest magazine highlights MD Anderson’s new cancer research and treatments, innovative patient services, programs and facilities, strategies to prevent cancer, and human interest stories about patients, donors, faculty, staff and volunteers.

On the cover:

Kelly Stewart feels on top of the world these days after an investigational drug she’s been taking has put her disease in remission.


BATTLE-ing Lung Cancer
In a novel project matching drugs to molecular targets in lung cancer, MD Anderson investigators are engaging in an intensive and ongoing interrogation of the tumors themselves.


Hope is on the Horizon
Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients, whose disease has relapsed despite frontline therapies, now have more choices to find a treatment that works.
View video: Anas Younes, M.D., talks about clinical trials available for Hodgkin’s lymphoma at M. D. Anderson.

Surgery Spares Fertility
A radical surgical procedure is giving women with cervical cancer the possibility of maintaining their fertility while treating the disease.

Finding Answers in the Lost Pines
Scientists at the Virginia Harris Cockrell Cancer Research Center have been unraveling the origins of cancer from their unique rural Texas surroundings for 30 years.


Janet Bruner, M.D.
Janet Bruner, M.D., was a new pharmacist planning to conduct drug research when a mentor suggested she study medicine. Following that advice would propel her to a productive career as a neuropathologist at M. D. Anderson.

Symptom Research

Measuring the Immeasurable
Cancer patients enter treatment with endless questions. The first one is typically, "Will the treatment be successful?" But quickly on its heels is another, "What will the side effects be?"

Moving Forward

Robert Dorsey Jr.
A process technician in the chemical industry, Robert Dorsey Jr. is given to quoting the French philosopher Rene Descartes and the English philosopher and economist David Hume.