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The Summer 2015 issue of Conquest features stories about preventive action being taken by women who’ve inherited elevated cancer risks, the importance of palliative care, the Moon Shots Program’s research platforms and much more.

Cover story

She doesn’t have cancer, and she plans to keep it that way

Like most parents, Jenna Arnold is doing all she can to ensure that she’ll live a long life to see her son, Jack, grow up and pursue his dreams. Women such as Arnold, who carry BRCA gene mutations, are participating in a first-in-the-nation MD Anderson clinical trial to reduce their risk of cancer while leaving menopause for later.

The survivor and the summit

Bree Sandlin’s inner strength and inner voice helped her conquer Stage III triple-negative breast cancer and Mount Kilimanjaro.



A prescription for hope

A drug newly approved by the FDA is showing unprecedented results for thyroid cancer patients with advanced disease.




Cancer Frontline

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In this issue

The power of palliative care

Palliative care and hospice care aren’t synonymous. Palliative care is a branch of medicine that helps patients deal with the physical side effects and emotional stress that come with cancer treatment and diagnosis. Meet the team that improves quality of life for patients.



The engines powering the moon shots

To better understand the Moon Shots Program, we offer a look at the 10 platforms that drive the research.



The gift that’s giving life to discoveries

Ten years after San Antonio businessman Red McCombs and his wife, Charline, made a transformative $30 million gift to MD Anderson, their generosity is showing a big impact.



On track for success

Mentors’ guidance is invaluable for young scientists and clinicians who rely on the experience and wisdom of their more senior colleagues as they awaken their own inspirations and abilities.



 Where in the world is MD Anderson?

Here’s a look at new cancer cases by region and where MD Anderson Cancer Network® and the institution’s Global Academic Programs are teaming with hospitals, health systems and institutions across the nation and around the globe in Making Cancer History®.

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