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The Fall 2015 issue of Conquest features stories about MD Anderson’s six newest moon shots, a virus that attacks and kills brain tumors, the challenges survivors face after cancer treatment ends, patients who travel to MD Anderson from afar, and much more.

Cover story

Unleashing the cold virus to kill cancer

For 15 years, husband-and-wife researchers Juan Fueyo, M.D., and Candelaria Gomez-Manzano, M.D., have been laboring over what they call their “big idea.” Their idea was to genetically modify the adenovirus that causes the common cold, transforming it instead into a cancer-seeking missile that attacks brain tumors. The altered virus is injected through a hole in the skull, directly into a patient’s tumor.

They are survivors. They are still fighting.

The cancer experience isn’t over when treatment ends. Many survivors continue to live with the physical and emotional side effects of their medical care.
MD Anderson’s Survivorship Program helps patients deal with stresses beyond the disease itself.


The veteran volunteer

Meet Jan Wallace, who has 40 years of experience as an
MD Anderson volunteer.





Cancer Frontline


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In this issue

Quitters never win? Sometimes they do

Tobacco is the single most preventable cause of cancer.
MD Anderson’s Tobacco Treatment Program is supplying smokers with the tools they need to beat addiction.



All over the map

Patients travel from all over the world seeking treatment at the nation’s top cancer hospital. Staff members in Patient Travel Services and the International Center help them get here and navigate a very stressful time in their lives.



Innovations in the OR

Surgeons are performing clinical trials in the operating room and seeking less-invasive methods of attacking cancer to help patients return to their daily lives more quickly.




Moon Shots mission escalates to confront six more cancer types

As the Moon Shots Program is transitioning from the setup phase to the results phase, it’s being expanded to include some of the most devastating forms of cancer.





Rethinking radiation treatment

Thinking outside the silo

Helping pediatric patients move beyond cancer


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