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The Children's Cancer Hospital Newsletter is an educational resource for physicians interested in the treatment, research and prevention of pediatric cancers.

Children's Cancer Hospital 
research highlights

Investigators at the Children's Cancer Hospital are focusing on understanding each cancer at the molecular level so that more targeted treatments with less toxicity can be found. Learn about the latest advances in our annual research highlights section.


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Pediatric patient activities

To help take their minds off their illness, young patients have opportunities to participate in a number of fun and educational activities.



Focus on adolescents, young adults

The Children's Cancer Hospital is enhancing the care and experience for adolescents and young adults, a group of patients with special needs.

Fertility discussion key for young patients

When a 16-year-old male is diagnosed with cancer, fertility is the last thing on his mind. But it's at the forefront for Anna Franklin, M.D.

Mid-level providers play vital role for patients

Mid-level providers are often seen as the "glue" or "go-between" for other medical staff, patients and caregivers. But when one digs deeper, their impact on patient care is far-reaching.

Drug shortages frustrate pediatric oncologists, patients

Recent news stories have unveiled a growing concern among pediatric oncologists and health care institutions. Many predict we're facing a nationwide drug shortage.

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