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Faculty and Staff Accolades

CCH Newsletter - Summer 2010

Joya Chandra, Ph.D., has been elected to serve a two-year term on the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate at MD Anderson.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Award of Excellence in Family-Centered Care is awarded once per year to parents/patients/staff/faculty who exhibit outstanding practice/support and mentoring of the concepts and philosophy of family-centered care. The faculty award was presented to Rhonda Robert, M.D. The Children’s Cancer Hospital Award of Excellence in Family-Centered Care Award was presented to Cip and Rhonda Cardenas, Missy Ramirez and Manale Elewah.

Alan Fields, M.D., received the Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

Christy Le, pediatrics department administrator in research, was the recipient of the March 2010 Heart of MD Anderson Award.

Eugenie Kleinerman, M.D., head of the Children's Cancer Hospital, has been named by the Governor's Commission as the 2010 Outstanding Women in Texas Government Award winner in the category of Outstanding Management. Kleinerman has earned an international reputation for her sarcoma research and is the first female division head at MD Anderson.

Vivek Subbiah, M.D., received the Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Award in Population/Patient-Oriented Research with his project titled “Of Mice and Men: Divergent Risks of Teriparatide-induced Osteosarcoma.” Subbiah also was the 2010 winner of the Daniel Benedict Gazan Fellowship in Sarcoma Research. To achieve this award, he was selected as the fellow demonstrating potential for excellence and unique contribution in sarcoma research.

Thuy Trinh, a child life specialist at the Children's Cancer Hospital, was awarded the Sibling STAR Partner Certification from SuperSibs!, a national non-profit organization working to support brothers and sisters of children with cancer. The award honors outstanding professionals and programs in the pediatric oncology community making a difference in the lives of the often forgotten brothers and sisters of children with cancer.

Patrick Zweidler-McKay, M.D., Ph.D., received two NCI grants. The first grant provides $207,500 in direct costs for the first year and $1,037,500 over five years with the major goal of mediating cell-specific consequences of Notch signaling in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The second grant provides $130,500 in direct costs for this two-year grant and concerns Notch in neuroblastoma.

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