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Cancer Prevention is Focus of Web Publication

By Bayan Raji

Focused on Health - CancerWise -

With lifestyle changes, many cancers can be prevented. And, with regular screening tests, many cancers can be diagnosed earlier, making them easier to treat.

Focused on Health, a free online publication produced monthly by the Public Education Office at M. D. Anderson, was created for people who want to be more informed about preventing cancer.

“By educating people about cancer and ways to prevent it, we hope to change health behaviors and lower the number of people who get cancer,” says Adelina Espat, senior communications specialist at M. D. Anderson and one of the publication’s editors.

Prevention begins with knowledge

Each month’s issue, typically devoted to a cancer awareness theme, features people who share their personal experiences with cancer prevention. Some are cancer survivors who had testing that identified the disease early. Others are people who avoided cancer by adopting healthier lifestyles and following recommended screening guidelines.

Focused on Health also includes:

  • Advice from M. D. Anderson doctors, nurses and other health professionals
  • Statistics about the highlighted type of cancer
  • Video or audio clips
  • Information about cancer prevention research at M. D. Anderson
    • Results of recent studies
    • Details about how to participate in cancer prevention studies

“Many times, cancer prevention is a topic that’s not highlighted in other publications,” Espat says. “We hope to call attention to the subject and give people tools to help them keep cancer out of their lives.”

To subscribe, visit Focused on Health.

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