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Taking MD Anderson to the world

Annual Report - Annual Report - Winter 2014

By Victor Scott

Jho Low is helping fund a health care revolution.

Jho Low
Photographer: F. Carter Smith

Low learned firsthand about the importance of access to MD Anderson’s cancer knowledge and expertise.

“Early in 2013, my grandfather was living in Malaysia and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia,” says Low, the chief executive officer of the global investment firm Jynwel Capital. “Fortunately, my family was able to connect halfway around the world with MD Anderson’s Dr. Hagop Kantarjian (chair of Leukemia), who consulted with my grandfather’s local physicians and guided his care.”

Through the Jynwel Charitable Foundation, Low has committed an extraordinary gift of $50 million to support the development of 
MD Anderson’s Oncology Expert Advisor™ (OEA), powered by IBM Watson. The OEA is a leading-edge clinical decision support tool that ingests, analyzes and organizes vast amounts of data to help physicians determine the most promising treatment options for each patient.
In time, it’s believed that the OEA can optimize patient care, speed new discoveries and allow doctors throughout Texas, the U.S. and around the globe to tap into MD Anderson’s superior level of cancer care expertise.

“MD Anderson’s innovative partnership with IBM is a tremendous step in the global fight against cancer,” Low says. “The OEA can potentially provide patients around the world with access to the best possible cancer care. I’m proud and humbled to lend my support to this game-changing effort.”

Meet Jho Low

Jho Low is co-director of the Jynwel Charitable Foundation, which seeks to fund breakthrough programs that work to solve the toughest problems in global health, education and conservation. Low is a frequent visitor to the Houston area for ongoing business and philanthropic initiatives.

Low talks about why he is giving to MD Anderson at Jho Low's gift.

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