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Seminal discoveries, seismic changes

Annual Report - Annual Report - Winter 2014

Photographer: Wyatt McSpadden

Lynda Chin, M.D.
Photographer: Wyatt McSpadden

“We imagine that we can use the connectivity of today’s society to transform the health care model from one that focuses on providers to a more effective one that focuses on patients.”

Lynda Chin, M.D.

A revolutionary war against cancer

Imagine if oncologists around the world had access to the expertise of MD Anderson’s physicians. The standard of cancer care would be greatly improved, and lives would be saved.

The resistance fighter

Historically, research and patient care have been kept separate or “siloed.” Guillermo Garcia-Manero wants to change that.

Triumph after a trial and tribulations

When Mary Cates was told she had cancer, she didn’t flinch . . . either time.

Taking MD Anderson to the world

Jho Low learned firsthand about the importance of access to MD Anderson's cancer expertise. Now he's helping fund a health care revolution.

Cracking the cancer code

Cancer is a genomic disease, and Harshad Mahadeshwar’s job is to decode its weaknesses.

The Oncology Expert Advisor

If patient can't come to MD Anderson, can we take MD Anderson to them? By combining science, engineering and medicine, and by making use of advances in technologies, MD Anderson can share its knowledge base and bridge the gap in treatment. The MD Anderson Oncology Expert Advisor™, powered by IBM Watson, can help do that.

Training days

MD Anderson system is bolstered by Graduate Medical Education’s homegrown experts

With two, they’ve won

It turns out that two heads really are better than one. In a year’s time, a pair of deans have teamed up to make the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences even better.

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Make a difference

Your gift to MD Anderson makes a difference in the lives of cancer patients by supporting innovative patient care, research, education and prevention programs. You can Donate Now or learn more at myGiving to MD Anderson.

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