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Annual Report masthead

MD Anderson Cancer Center's 2011-2012 Annual Report highlights achievements and contributions of faculty, staff, volunteers and donors in advancing the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. It also provides key financial and statistical data.

The time is now

Now is the time for 
MD Anderson to envision and prepare for its future — one of increased financial stability, caring and mentorship, entrepreneurial opportunities, and trying new ideas and ventures while remaining judicious about how it uses its talents and resources.

The time is now to support

As government funding and grants dwindle, philanthropy becomes more essential for new prevention strategies and novel treatments. Fundraising groups find creative ways to raise money, for example, through cattle auctions. They also educate the community by supporting programs such as Too Cool to Smoke.

People and data

Audio and PDFs

Listen to the audio version of the Annual Report.
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The time is now to excel

Patients come first at MD Anderson as researchers develop therapies to strengthen the immune system; surgeons adapt even greater patient safety measures; emphasis is placed on nursing excellence and education; and volunteers help patients and caregivers navigate the journey through our hallways.

The time is now to collaborate

Every day, teams of cancer experts work together across specialties and around the world to help patients at each step in the journey — from assessing cancer risk to early detection, advanced technology for early treatment evaluation and side effects management.

The time is now to impact

Cancer research increasingly focuses on what we eat, our physical activity, the support of friends and family — and the role that our individual genetic make-up plays in our health. As the depth and breadth of research data increases, so do the possibilities of bringing the right drugs to the right patient at the right time.

The time is now to educate

Elementary school students, college graduates, health care professionals, tomorrow's scientists and doctors, surgeons and nurses are among the many who take training and knowledge gained at 
MD Anderson into the community, the region, the nation and the world.