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Educating Professionals and the Public

Annual Report - Winter 2012

Illustration: Dave Cutler

The sharing of knowledge takes many forms at 
MD Anderson. These stories highlight just a few of the ways in which quality education efforts benefit students, faculty, patients and the public.

Casting a Net for Talented, Committed Trainees

The needs are dire. In the United States, a shortage of health care professionals is expected to worsen as an aging population retires and requires more care. To attract the best and brightest to essential health care jobs, MD Anderson has a growing number of innovative programs.

A Dedication to Education

Breast Pathologist Aysegul Sahin, M.D., loves to share her knowledge and experiences with young people. The benefits are far from one-sided, she believes.

Pioneers Explore New Frontiers

After more than 15 years of submitting grants, Khandan Keyomarsi, Ph.D., knows what it takes to be successful. It's this knowledge that led her to develop a program geared toward junior faculty, so they would know, too.

From the Lab to the Sanctuary

Cancer Prevention Researcher Lorna McNeill, Ph.D., has embarked on an important ministry. In collaboration with Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, she helps members improve their health and well-being through Project CHURCH, Creating a Healthy Understanding of Cancer Research and Community Health.

From Marine to Molecular Biology

Andria Schibler hopes the yeast she uses every day will do much more than make bread dough rise. Her ultimate goal is to help improve leukemia patients' survivor.

Infographic: ASPIRE

A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience, ASPIRE is a curriculum-based program for middle and high school students that includes colorful animation and interactive experiences, as well as video game components.

Video: Preparing the Next Generation of Clinical Pharmacists

Most undergraduate pharmacy education involves didactic learning, with little patient contact until late in the process. But, at MD Anderson, pharmacy residents get plenty of direct patient contact through the Pharmacy Graduate Year 2 program.

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