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Perot Invests in Personalized Cancer Therapy

Annual Report - Winter 2011

Noted businessman supports transformational research

By Sarah Watson

When Dallas businessman and philanthropist H. Ross Perot decided to donate $20 million to MD Anderson, he put his money on personalized cancer therapy. There’s no better return on investment, he says.

“I’m proud to support transformational research at 
MD Anderson over the next decade and to play a small role in making personalized cancer therapy a reality,” Perot says.

Gift impact will be felt

Perot’s contributions, supporting the Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy (IPCT) and the Center for Targeted Therapy (CTT), will have a significant impact on cancer care by accelerating efforts to analyze genetic blueprints, pinpoint molecular biomarkers, develop targeted anti-cancer drugs and test new drugs in clinical trials.

H. Ross Perot invests $20 million 
in key areas of cancer research.

The IPCT, for example, will foster discoveries to help physicians determine specific genetic and molecular abnormalities in each patient’s cancer and in turn prescribe appropriate therapy. 

The CTT will speed delivery of new improved targeted drug therapies so that patients may benefit more quickly.

“Our goal is to make personalized cancer therapy the gold standard in oncology care,” says John Mendelsohn, M.D., president of 
MD Anderson. “We are grateful to Ross Perot for his generous support in these extremely important areas of cancer research.”

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