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Scroggs Walks the Healthful Walk

Annual Report - Winter 2011

She carries message of prevention, risk reduction

By Julie Penne

With five bicycles, five boats and only one car in her household, Registered Licensed Dietitian and Health Educator Sally Scroggs is an ambassador for a healthful lifestyle.

“I was raised in a home where carrots, a glass of milk and graham crackers were the typical after-school snack, and riding bikes and water sports were as much a part of daily routine as they are now,” Scroggs says. 

“I work with patients, clinicians, members of the healthy public and students to carry the message of cancer prevention and risk reduction.”

Sally Scroggs
Photo: Wyatt McSpadden

An energetic teacher and motivator, Scroggs flits from patient appointment to consultation to speaking engagement. She encourages her patients or audiences to shed poor habits like smoking and sun bathing, and adopt practices such as acquiring a healthy body mass index, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to their daily diet and finding time for physical activity.

While much of her time is spent helping patients take control of their health, mentoring students or researching new findings, Scroggs says she now devotes much more time to listening and better understanding people’s challenges and frustrations while also sharing personal victories.

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