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EMR Connects Patients, Physicians to Real-Time Data

Annual Report - Winter 2010

By David Berkowitz

The Internet has spoiled us.

Seeking instant access to an array of information? Just log on and search to your heart’s content.

While many sites cater to those browsing for answers to general health questions, accessing real-time details of a person’s specific situation is another matter. One that M. D. Anderson is working hard to address.

Through the secure myMDAnderson portal, patients and authorized referring and other physicians can view M. D. Anderson medical records online. Clicking the “My Medical Records” tab grants access to everything from vital signs and medication listings to laboratory and radiology reports.

Driving this information connection is ClinicStation, the name used to describe
M. D. Anderson’s homegrown electronic medical record (EMR) system. The myMDAnderson functionality is the most public demonstration of the institution’s effort to go all-electronic, but it’s just one of many related initiatives under way.

“We’re developing, testing and rolling out a number of other clinical tools that will help our nurses, physicians and countless other care team members do their jobs more efficiently and, ultimately, better serve patients and community physicians,” says Chuck Suitor, director of electronic medical records.

Among the new electronic components are X-ray reports, procedure notes, primary medical evaluation forms, history and physical exam documents, as well as consultation and progress notes.

“This initiative helps patients feel more a part of their treatment process. It also allows our physician partners in the community to be more actively involved in the care of these patients,” says Thomas Feeley, M.D., vice president for medical operations.

“Online technology is a tremendous advantage since patients always have access to their up-to-date medical record from anywhere in the world, as long as they can gain access to the Internet.”

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