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Patient Care: Patient Profile

Annual Report - 2005-2006

Freedom From Cancer

By Sarah Watson

James Uihlein

James Uihlein is a firm believer in M. D  Anderson. Two years ago the Longboat Key, Fla., resident was diagnosed with tongue cancer. At the recommendation of his doctor and friends in Texas, he soon found himself under the care of Randal Weber, M.D., chair of the Department of Head and Neck Surgery. Today, he is cancer-free and credits his positive outcome to the specialized, quality care he received from Weber and his team.

“I came to believe in M. D. Anderson,” says Uihlein, who admits he knew little
about cancer when he began his journey in 2004. “I quickly found out about M. D. Anderson, and I’m glad I did.”

Uihlein moved to Houston temporarily to undergo six weeks of radiation therapy. Six months after treatment, a CT scan showed no cancer.

Relief turned to gratitude, and Uihlein took the opportunity to “give back” by contributing $100,000 to Weber’s Head and Neck Priority Program. The money, Weber says, will help support a research nurse as well as numerous projects, including a Phase II clinical trial involving Iressa, a targeted agent that inhibits the epidermal growth factor receptor in squamous cell skin cancer.

Uihlein says the contribution reflects his confidence in M. D. Anderson.

“You just try to give back if you can,” he says. “Dr. Weber is a super guy. He spoke briefly to me about what he’s trying to do through his research, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.”

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