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Thomas F. Williams, Jr.

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Thomas F. Williams Jr.

World War II veteran, received mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 1950, started Williams Machine Co. in Houston in 1966, widower, four children, four grandchildren

Annual donor to M. D. Anderson more than 20 years, member of President's Associates at M. D. Anderson, regular contributor to church, health and educational programs

"I first became aware of M. D. Anderson in the early '70s. Over the years, my late wife and I gave what we could every year, partly because cancer has affected so many members of our two families. On my side, my paternal grandmother and my father, one of my mother's sisters and two cousins had cancer. My wife's mother and one of her uncles were affected, and then my wife, Agnes, died in the spring of 1996 after a long battle with breast cancer. In addition to this personal interest, I also quickly learned that M. D. Anderson is way out front in cancer research and deserves everyone's support so they can make progress faster. Moreover, the people who work there are fantastic. They're all willing to go the proverbial extra mile for the patients. Houstonians should be real proud of this great institution."

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