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Patricia Manitz

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Acute lymphocytic leukemia, 1990


Youngest of six children, fourth grader, Girl Scout

Swimming, reading, computer and board games, bike riding, roller skating, making blueberry muffins and cornbread

"I remember being really sick and taking all that medicine for a long time. I had to wear a hat because I lost my hair. The worst thing was all the needles - I hope I don't ever have to be stuck again. Going to summer camp was fun - I went four times and got to take (sisters) Beth, Sarah, Emily and (brother) Ben. I like going to Astroworld, too. A couple of years ago, I sat next to President Clinton at the rodeo and my picture with him was on the front page of the newspaper (Houston Chronicle). I like school a lot, especially math and reading. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor just like Dr. (Irma) Ramirez at M. D. Anderson."

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