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Making a Difference

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Many reasons that M. D. Anderson continues to be ranked as one of the world's most respected and productive centers devoted to cancer patient care, research, education and prevention are reflected in this 1995-96 annual report.

For the fifth consecutive year, a national survey of doctors listed M. D. Anderson as one of the "best of the best" hospitals, regardless of specialty. This reputation has been built over the previous half century through high-quality, compassi onate patient care, prolific research that translates new discoveries into better therapies, extensive educational programs to train physicians, scientists and allied health professionals and steadily expanding efforts to make cancer prevention practical for more people.

Contributions in all of these areas, plus newer programs to provide cancer care closer to where patients live and the continuing importance of private philanthropy, are described in this "Making a Difference" report.

Each of the 19 patients and donors who so graciously shared their experiences for M. D. Anderson's 1995-96 annual report help convey the benefits of clinical cancer research and innovative programs that have made such a big difference for them and many thousands more individuals.

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