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Kyle C. Brooks

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Kyle C. Brooks
Cincinnati, Ohio

Business law attorney and partner in Cincinnati law firm, married to Anne who had a brain tumor removed in 1988 and a recurrent brain tumor excised in 1995

Major gifts donor to M. D. Anderson, enjoys traveling and gardening with his wife, and training a golden retriever puppy named Dolly

"My wife and I had only been married a few months when, in early 1995, she had a recurrence of a brain tumor that Dr. Raymond Sawaya had first operated on in 1988 when he was in Cincinnati. By the time of her tumor recurrence, he was chairman of the Depa rtment of Neurosurgery at M. D. Anderson. As soon as Anne called him, we were on a plane to Houston. The day after he examined her, Dr. Sawaya removed a recurrent astrocytoma . . . and she's doing fine now. When my older brother died from lung cancer a short time later, I decided to make a donation to M. D. Anderson. My mother, Eleine H. Brooks, who also lives in Cincinnati, matched my contribution. Together, we have given money over the last two years for brain cancer research. We have designated t hese gifts in loving memory of Anthony D. Bullock III and in honor of Anne C. Brooks, my wife and best friend. In the future, we look forward to continuing our support of this terrific cancer center with its fantastic doctors."

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