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Gen Lena Briscoe

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Gen Lena Briscoe
Baytown, Texas

Pancreatic cancer, February 1996

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, intraoperative radiation therapy

Married, one son, one daughter, two grandsons, former school teacher, now substitutes at a day care center

Makes quilts, does crafts, learning to use a new bread machine

"One doctor thought I had hepatitis because I'd turned so yellow I could've been a bug light. The CT (computerized tomography) scan showed a tumor in my pancreas, and I was sent to M. D. Anderson. I qualified for a research study involving chemother apy and radiation that was alternated, then I had a big operation where more radiation was beamed directly on the pancreas and other insides while I was in surgery. Frankly, I was amazed at how fast I recovered from all that. I think my doctor at M. D. Anderson is the best in the world. He's given me the chance to see my grandsons grow up."

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